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 By Simone Morgan–
 VERSHON… It’s not easy keeping relevant in the industry as there are new faces emerging every day—

ALTHOUGH he created a stir in the dancehall with Boom and Ruff Up The World, deejay Vershon said it was the hard-hitting Inna Real Life that gave him his mainstream breakthrough.

Produced by Cashflow Records, the song remains an anthem almost one year after its release.

“That was the song that carried me through and put me in the spotlight in a major way. Boom and Ruff Up The World were well-received, but those were just songs that introduced Vershon to the industry,” he said.

He told Splash that Inna Real Life’s success came as a surprise.

“Inna Real Life is about my life story, my struggles, so I never really looking for a hit out of it. But then I realise that there are thousands of persons out there who have been through situations similar to mine,” he said.

Vershon is preparing to release his debut album titled Unofficial in December. Originally slated for release in September, the deejay said he and his team added three more tracks and pushed back the date.

“We decided to delay the album because it was previously 11 tracks, but we realized that the new tracks released in September and beyond were also well received and we wanted to include a few of those,” he said.

Boom, Inna Real Life and Ruff Up The World are on Unofficial, which has songs produced by Vershon’s manager, Christopher Birch, Cashflow, Seanizzle, One Army Entertainment and Konsequence Musik.

While sales for dancehall music have declined in the last five years, 24-year-old Vershon (given name Adrian Brown) has high hopes for the album.

“It’s not easy keeping relevant in the industry, as there are new faces emerging every day. For me, the aim is to maintain an image that will make me stand out in the crowd,” he said.

Vershon said his passion for deejaying began when he was nine years old. He remembers skipping classes at Greater Portmore High School in St Catherine and hanging out at recording studios, hoping to get a break.

Mr. G

Mr. G

That break came after deejay Mr G introduced him to Birch two years ago. One of their initial recordings was Boom.

Reflecting on 2015, Vershon — who performs on the Boom GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza in Black River, St Elizabeth on Christmas Day — said it has been overwhelming and that he is anticipating an even better 2016.

“On December 19, I will be performing in New York for the first time, and the international dates will carry over into the new year with performances in England and Europe in March.”

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