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NINETEEN-NINETY-FIVE was a banner year for reggae. There were a number of remarkable productions, including the song Kette Drum by Beenie Man and Determine, a little-known singjay from St Mary.

Produced by Bobby Digital, the Nyabinghi-inspired Kette Drum entered reggae charts worldwide. Beenie Man’s distinctive vocals were enhanced by Determine’s raw, rustic delivery.

“Is a anthem – anywey mi go mi haffi do Kette Drum,” the 43-year-old Determine told the

Jamaica Observer.  For the last five years, ‘anywey’ has been throughout the United States where he has toured with Ghetto Youths International (GYI), led by Stephen Marley.

His previous trek with the Marleys was in 2014 as a member of Stephen’s Fruits Of Life Tour. Passenger, one of his latest songs, is produced by Stephen’s younger brother Damian, one of GYI’s principals.

Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley

Though Kette Drum remains his biggest hit, Determine said his career is on a high, thanks to the Marleys.

“From mi link wid Stephen Marley dem mi get ‘companied’. Things more professional, an’ mi get access to different markets,” he explained.

Determine has been with GYI since the late 1990s when the company was in its formative stages. His first song for the label was Blinging And Blanging.

Kette Drum announced Determine (given name Rohan Dennis) on the big stage, one year after he kicked off his recording career. It was one of the biggest reggae hits of 1995, a year that also produced the Luciano anthem, It’s Me Again Jah, and Buju Banton’s outstanding ‘Til Shiloh album.



Determine is currently promoting two other songs: Work Hard, which he co-produced with Vigilance Records and A Child Is Born, a Natty Power Records production.

He is scheduled to tour the US with GYI. The first date is May 27 at the California Roots Festival, at Monterey Fairgrounds.

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