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Rondell Positive (left) performing alongside Kevin Downswell.—-

Fans went All the Way with Kevin Downswell recently, as the gospel singer launched yet another album. Scores of guests turned up at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Center, to not only support the entertainer on his latest compilation but to bask in the goodness of God as they worshiped with him.

“I wonder if you know you’re standing on Holy Ground, victory ground,” said Downswell, as he recounted the struggles he and his wife went through to pull off the massive event.

“So if you have a praise don’t look around you to get permission from your neighbor, just let loose and worship,” he continued. And that they did.

Kevin Downswell

Kevin Downswell


The atmosphere for worship was set hours before the man of the moment took the stage, as the finalists in the 2016 JCDC Gospel Song Competition, delivered one solid performance after the other. The finalists not only sang their hearts out, but ministered to the massive audience in the process.

Veteran singer, Carlene Davis, took the praise party to another level with a spirited set. With heads bowed and arms lifted high in the air, members of the audience committed themselves totally in praise, as she ministered to their hearts in song, Dripping Blood.


The Tivoli Drum Corp, also performed at the album launch. The marching band gave a high energy performance, as they delivered some of Downswell’s more popular tracks. They praised with their instruments and in dance and the audience enjoyed every moment, some leaving their seats, moving to the rhythm of the drums.

The evening’s emcees, Basillia Barnaby-Cuff and newly converted comedian Ity, also contributed to building an atmosphere of praise. Ity, who got baptised in January, could hardly contain his excitement, as he testified of the mercy of Jesus and how, after many years, he finally made the decision to serve God.

Amidst testifying of God’s grace herself, Cuff encouraged the audience to celebrate with Ity, as he basks in the joy of being on “the other side now”.

It was then time for the man of the hour to make his grand entrance and by the response he received upon entering the stage, it was clear that patrons were more than ready to go ‘All the Way’, with Minister Downswell.

A standing ovation greeted the singer, as he made his entrance, dapperly dressed in a green and black plaid tuxedo. As he sang his first note, the crowd erupted into cheers. His voice, as crisp and as sharp as his outfit, the singer had the audience mesmerized. If you weren’t in a mood to worship before, you were automatically plunged into one, as he continued his set.


Performing several songs from the new album such as Christian Soldier, Heaven Meets Earth Here and One Day, the singer had the audience totally captivated as he ministered. As if he wasn’t sending the audience into a worship frenzy all by himself, Downswell called for reinforcement from fellow gospel artist, Rondell Positive. Both entertainers performed I Am Not Afraid.

DJ Nicholas was also a part of the evening’s entertainment package.

Following the Kingston launch, Kevin Downswell’s team is expected to take the album to rural Jamaica, with road shows scheduled for Portland, St James, St Ann and Savanna-la-Mar in the coming weeks.

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