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Aubrey Campbell

Aubrey Campbell

 Good day folks and all praise to our maker for another day, another week.
 What a weekend it was! Sport, politics or other, the events and the headlines were hard to miss.
At the Copa America Centenario soccer tournament being played out across the United States, Jamaica and Haiti got played and were sent home for their below ‘parformance’ (sic), even as some of the big teams struggled.
Put it this way. They tried, giving it their best shot, literally and especially for Haiti, which scored a historic goal against Brazil.
Jamaica had a chance at revenge and redemption against Mexico, but for some unexplained reason, the coach left the real ‘shottas’ in Kingston! Now, I don’t know if there will ever be a ‘next time’.
Initial reports are that the Grand Prix athletics meeting in Kingston, last Saturday, went down very well. A bolt of lightning struck the place but no major damage reported. The seismic unit at the GC Foster College of Physical Culture recorded a tremor of magnitude 9.88 seconds that was felt in parts of these United States and Brazil.
Experts say the result could be adjusted up, some, due to faults with the ‘biomechanics’ at the start of the event!
Hillary Clinton celebrated some history as the candidate of choice for the Democratic Party in the November elections to decide the next POTUS. The first woman to do so, yet polls say they are two – Donald Trump included – most disliked candidates ever to get this far in the primaries, something I will have to leave for my poli-sci (political science) teachers and students to explain!
Folks, unless you really have your ears to the ground, you would have missed a most interesting development in the Caribbean community. For the umpteenth time, voters in the region opted for change minus the chaos, pointing and re-directing the socio-economic GPS in another, but not necessarily the ‘opposite’ direction.
St. Lucians kicked the incumbent Dr. Kenny Anthony to the political curb so hard last Monday, that instead of conceding defeat, he immediately announced that he is stepping down as leader of the Saint Lucia Labor Party but will continue as MP!
Sounds familiar?
And if you say ‘yes’, here’s my two pennies. Leaders were born, not made! You and I know what happens when family and/or friends visit and then ‘overstay their welcome’. Political correctness is also knowing when to say goodbye, not waiting around to be shown the door and a multitude hoping and praying that it will hit you in the ass, on your way out!
With an 11-6 majority, Allen Michael Chastanet in the new ‘Big Man’ in town and good or bad, he has Jamaican connections. His middle name is similar to that of the current PM as well as that of a former PM and one of the most charismatic leaders the free world will ever see! And on top of that, Chastanet was one of the favored few when the Love Bird was flying high in the friendly skies!
He told ‘Lucians’ that his first order of business will be to turn around an ailing economy, deal with a ballooning debt while at the same time, keeping citizens at the heart of the new socio-economic plans for the island nation.
That might not be so far-fetched considering that he has a face and a voice as part of the ‘bread and butter’ hospitality industry of not only his country but the community.
‘Lucians’ will be too happy to grade him and his United Workers Party, over the next five years.
Last week when hundreds of thousands of crabs with every color of the rainbow, washed ashore on beaches in eastern Jamaica, residents there ran into the streets, bible in hand, proclaiming that the Messiah cometh, the hour draweth nigh!
Only for them to be told by Environmentalists and Biologists that the poor (hate that word) creatures were enjoying their mating season and needed somewhere warm to spawn – DWL!
Chances are, if I was in the area and see all of that crustacean commotion with my own two eyes, I would have hastened to that same, initial, uninformed conclusion. And to make matters worse, the crawling creatures have Chinese names!
Are you kidding me, when all I know is to see one crab with one color, burrowing in a hole in the ground, somewhere, anywhere?
Indeed, sign of the times!
Seet deh now, look wha’ two man a kiss pon di TV cause up a Orlando? Yes, human lives matter but not when the GPS of these United States of America says, Destination: Sodom and Gomorroh!
‘Trailer load…..’ Thank you, Rexton Gordon!
Dun talk!
Folks, that’s today’s conversation minus the controversy. To God be the glory. As I always do, I give you the last word. Share your thoughts.

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