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Hump Day folks, with so much things to say! There is confusion, consternation and disappointment in every crevice and corner of our society and ‘little’ Jamaica is caught in the center of the storm. What a lah-lah!

Talk ’bout shame and scandal in the family. This is it, big time, or, as a colleague was careful enough to point out, the chickens coming home to roost!
Folks, I try to stay clear of controversies in this space, in this forum. This conversation is designed to inform and so, for the most part is devoid of the forensics. However, from the stadium to the club and places and personalities in between, the events of the past five days do need some forensics for greater clarity, for even those in the know, have suddenly contracted the deadly ‘foot in the mouth’ disease.
How quickly we want to sell out to the highest bidder, with no regard whatsoever for sovereignty! And I will say here and now that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything!
Little Jamaica got kicked out of the tournament celebrating one hundred years of soccer in South America. And you will see why I use the word ‘little’. They were progressively humbled and humiliated by Venezuela, Uruguay and Mexico. Red card, yellow cards, black and blue spots and no goals to show, are testament to the disappointment.
Talent minus chemistry, teamwork, if you will, will get you past the half line, the midpoint of the pitch but not much farther. Case in point. Brazil, the five time world champions and a final four nation at the last quadrennial summit in Rio in 2014, told to pack their bags and go even before the first round, group stage is completed!
And Dunga is the first casualty of the misery and mayhem started by Germany in what will be another summer to remember, two years ago, on home soil.
Aubrey Campbell

Aubrey Campbell

I don’t have the answers for what ails Jamaica’s national senior soccer program. Every country now depends on their overseas-based players to return in a hurry and create magic on the pitch, in pretty much the same way they do, playing for club and contract.
The irony here is that there is chemistry by virtue of living in the same locale! Duh! Are you with me?
As my colleague pointed out in haste and disgust, when the boys – to men – from Samba-land were home schooled to maturity, they were invincible, they were Brazilliant!
In the EURO 2016 tournament being hosted by France, Iceland was supposed to get clobbered by Portugal, powered by the celebrated CR7 human engine. Iceland rose to the occasion, scored a goal, tying the match and earning a point and could very well get ‘goal of the tournament’ mention!
England v Russia, bad and not so bad, but it was supposed to be a walk in the park for Belgium v Italy. Not sure how that was supposed to be. Italy kicked their sorry asses to the curb, literally. But because it’s still group play, they live to play another day!
My tweet, er..WHAT’S APP’ was that science and technology has leveled the playing field. There is no unique, distinct feature about Brazilian soccer today, that’s not on display around the world.
Jamaica has the talent, not the consistency and the chemistry needed to run and ‘mix it up’ with the other, not necessarily ‘big’ boys! I eagerly await the post mortem on this one, which I know won’t come because you have to start with the head, the brain, which is untouchable! SMH
Regarding events in Orlando, Florida, on the weekend, the government of Jamaica was among the first nations to offer condolences to the victims’ families through whatever channels. However, the propriety of hoisting the standard of the LGBT community on the premises of the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica, was questioned by the Attorney General and that has started another firestorm!
Listening in, it would seem that Jamaica has no right to question the actions and activities of the government of the USA, in its own country! Whether you use diplomatic channels or social media, is beside the point. In the case of Jamaica and homosexuality, Tolerance does not equals law, or at least not yet.
So are you saying to me that because the USA is the hand that feeds us, we dare not bite it?Don’t care how super powerful you are, you must show regard for another’s sovereignty. Is there a flag for the Christian community? Are their flags for other sub-sets of humanity so that when they come under siege, there can be a show of support as well?

And yes, I know, all lives matter, black, white, brown, blue and rainbow!
Here then is the question. How do you fight terrorism without respect for the rights of others!Answer. When your foreign policy agenda is flawed.

Folks, continue to celebrate Caribbean heritage wherever you are!
That’s today’s conversation. As usual, you have the last word. Share your thoughts!

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