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Aubrey Campbell

Aubrey Campbell

Good day folks. If you started the day and the work week, pondering, wondering just what kind of world are we living in, count your blessings, you are not alone.

The weekend past, produced more bloodshed and wonderment, and I am thinking that somewhere, out there, something, someone, is under siege! Is it/could it be the institution of law enforcement and public safety, is it black lives or all lives?
Which brings up the question. Are we now settling our disputes in the court of lawlessness? Did this matter of jungle justice just happen upon us? Right off the bat, this eye for an eye approach is not going to work.
Folks, there is much danger lurking around the corner and as Reggae Jambassador Ini Kamoze crooned some decades ago, ‘out in di street, they call it murder!’ We don’t want no more of that, please!
And I always remind myself that if you do not stand up for something, you will fall for nothing!
Now that a stand has been taken and painfully so, that all lives matter, where do we go from here? The moral compass of this nation, needs direction. I want to think that it has to be programmed from the very top, from the Hill top?
To spend time giving direction and focus to one subset of the society, however financially influential and colorful s/he/it might be, is wrong now and forever will be.
Read my lips, silly!
I’m not a pessimist but I offer, in this space, in this forum, that the time to recalibrate the GPS of this nation, of these United States, is short. I further offer that that window of opportunity is closing, starting today in Ohio!
Americans, born and naturalized, holders of ARCs, families and friends, will be out in their numbers today through Thursday, to make the case for Donald Trump to be the next POTUS!
At an event in South Florida on the weekend, it was interesting to hear the host making an appeal to the audience to go out and vote in the local primaries, set for August 30, and then the national (presidential) elections in November.
After all that was said and implied, my take away was that your vote, every vote will matter, big time!
It’s the sign of the times, the kind of world we are living in!
Which brings me to another point of view as shared so well on the pages of the Weekly Gleaner – North American – edition of July 14 – 20. It has to do with a story written by Dervan Malcolm, broadcaster turned journalist. And guess what the story is about, the hydra headed monster that is the Jamaican Diaspora!
Folks, do it for you. Get a copy and read the story, which starts on the front page and jumps to page 3, so you know it’s a hot topic. And Mass Dervan did it justice, no fluff. Same so him get it, same way ‘im sell it…..oops, write it!
What is interesting is that Mr. Malcolm is most conversant with the subject and knows the ‘players’, and here, I want you to apply the street meaning to the word ‘players’.
From his ‘power’ base in capital city Killsome, DM’s antenna reaches far and wide but for this piece, he was right there in Central Florida, for the end of month (June) staging of the Southeastern regional conference of the Jamaica Diaspora, where attorney Wayne Golding is the ABM.
I honestly did not know that there is someone else on this planet that shares my view of a distorted, dysfunctional Diaspora.
With all the treats, real and imagined, talk of defamation suits and for me to ‘tek whey mi self outta big people bizniz’, you would think that I’m a trouble-maker and rabble-rouser?
I was otherwise engaged and could not make either conference, even though I was in New York City on June 9, only for me to hear by way of a message that the conferences that I wanted to fail, were both very successful and that I should ‘eat my heart out’! Well, seet deh now, ‘tory cum to bump! Another exercise in futility.
Tell the folks at the Gleaner Company and Power 106 FM, that Mr. Malcolm’s story was not fit for

And wait til you si whofa and whofa name call up ina dis ‘tory, then you will understand that what ails the Diaspora movement is bigger that Joan Pinnock, and was bigger than Irwine Clare, Sr;Patrick Beckford and others before them.

Here this. Whatever exists now and for the past 12 plus years, is not authentic! It’s right there in the story on page 3, third column, last paragraph! And if a whey mi say dat, so so lawsuit mi woulda hear ’bout!.
Folks, To God be the glory. Continue to live in His fullness.
That’s today’s conversation starter. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.

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