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 The blame game has started after Spice’s awkward performance for athletes at the National Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday.

Minutes before she was to hit the stage to perform  at an event to honour Jamaican athletes, Spice tweeted “#I got this”, showing off her fuzzy shoes.

But, while her confidence was ‘Up’ and her energy was super high, a scantily-clad Spice -with posterior visible – was greeted with awkward silence from an audience that included Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Governor General Sir Patrick Allen among other dignitaries.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Spice’s performance was in stark contrast to the well-received set delivered by Kevin Downswell.  Nothing in the gospel singer’s set seemed to have prepared the audience for the ‘spicy’ performance by the dancehall artist.

Kevin Downswell

Kevin Downswell

Among the athletes being honored, Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce and Yohan Blake appeared rather confused as Spice performed.

To her credit, Spice put on a brave face and delivered her set, even as the rhythms were not forthcoming – she even went acapella after the technical staff failed to provide her with the music for one of her hit songs.

Seeing the unresponsiveness of her audience, Spice took her leave by “bigging up the athletes and their performance in RIO”.

Shelly Ann Fraser

Shelly Ann Fraser

Jamaicans  took to social media platforms in droves to talk about what many have described as a “poorly organized” line up for the event.

Many have thrown the blame at the event organizers for putting Spice in the line-up for the event.

“How you fi put Spice on, after a Gospel artist, then blame  her hypocrites,” said one Facebook User.

“I feel upset for Spice this is so unfair. That’s why as an artist you must tell some people no. Liberty comes through carelessness. Spice is not Lady Saw or Cecile she has no PG 13 songs… and that’s ok. But don’t invite her, tell her fi sing wah she want then skin up u face turn off her mic and, have u uptown friend dem a write letter a class her, added another.



“People are acting as if they don’t know what genre music and lyrical content Spice has. On a local basis, this may have been the first time that an artist has been placed in this position. However, the greatly acclaimed Kelly Price found herself in a similar predicament; performing the songs she is known for and criticized for doing same. Now, Spice was hired to do an event. There may have been a meeting and some discussion, how could the coordinators have come to the conclusion that Spice would have been an appropriate act ?,” added another clearly annoyed Facebook users.

However, the organizers weren’t the only ones that social media users blamed, some social media users  pointed fingers at the crowd, who they described as ‘uppity’.

“Hypocrites, these are the same people that whine up to carnival music,” said one Twitter user.

“But banging on the bathroom floor, is appropriate lyrics, these hypocrites,” tweeted another.

While other blamed the artist herself for not choosing more appropriate songs and slammed her outfit for being “too risque”. “I expect better from #spice look how Chronixx and Chris Martin deal with the thing so nice. Her lude behavior was a disgrace,” said one Twitter user.

“Time and place for some lyrics. Those did not work for this occasion,” added another.



One  Facebook user stirred up major controversy online with her ‘shady’ comments when she said, “Maybe it is time for Spice to improve her catalog of songs. Maybe she should add at least one or two songs that don’t describe her genitalia- Seems like we know who she would be voting for in the upcoming US elections.”


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