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February 8, 2017

Peter Tosh on his famed unicycle.—-

As Jamaica celebrates Reggae Month, the recently opened Peter Tosh Museum will be hosting The Steppin’ Razor Experience, in honor of the reggae legend.

The event, scheduled to take place at the newly appointed Peter Tosh Square at the Pulse Centre on February 25, will feature live and recorded music.

A number of reggae heavyweights are set to perform, among them Andrew Tosh, Beenie Man, Dre Tosh and Garnett Silk Jr.

Guests will also be able to go on special tours in what is being dubbed as ‘A Night at the Museum.’ Tours will be offered at discounted rates and Jamaicans and visitors alike will get another opportunity to access this already famous facility comfortably.

Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh

An official statement from the Tosh Museum said, ‘As we celebrate Reggae as well as Black History Month in February, this whole period presents a great opportunity for people to visit the museum to learn more, not only about Tosh’s significant contribution to Jamaica’s cultural history, but also his social justice advocacy, which is as salient today as it was in his time. His position on equal rights, apartheid and the legalisation of marijuana resonates around the world to this day. Some will say more today than ever before.’

The Peter Tosh Museum is a joint-venture collaboration between the Peter Tosh Estate, Pulse Investments Limited and Marlene Brown.

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