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April 11, 2017

 DJ Kurt Riley—

Radio jock Kurt “The Party Animal” Riley insists there is no bad blood and animosity regarding his departure from the airwaves of local radio station FAME FM.

He explained that his resignation came as he found that his own brand and that of the station were simply pulling in opposite directions.

“I am just going off to explore new horizons. I am not done with radio and certainly not music but the time has come,” said Riley.

“While I’m grateful for the experiences and growth I received at FAME, I can’t continue with the brand’s creative direction. FAME started out as a lifestyle station that catered to everyone regardless of age and I believe that made the brand a hit with many people at the time,” he noted Riley started at FAME 16 years ago as a guest DJ.

Rosamond Brown

Rosamond Brown

“I got a call one day from Rosamond Brown inviting me to come and play some music as a guest. At first I thought it was a joke. Having known of Rosamond and the station all my life to have her call me was out of this world. After being a guest for a while the next conversation we had was becoming a regular.”

Riley stated that there are so many notable moments during his 16 years on air.

“I remember in the early days going to Firelinks to create jingles which was unheard of on local radio. I also brought the dancehall style of playing to radio as well as sound effects and now I hear it being done not only here in Jamaica but worldwide.

Another stand-out moment occurred one night when a young lady called in and said she was going to commit suicide. I started talking to her and somehow the music I was playing and conversation we had spoke to her and she was convinced not to do it. I then realized the power of radio not only as entertainment.”

The late Winston Riley

The late Winston Riley

Riley, who is the son of veteran record producer, the late Winston Riley, will continue his multiple play-outs, music production, and execution of entertainment events. His most recent music project was the production of the Jambe-An rhythm which has seen the international success of the Charly Blacks’ single Party Animal.

Riley has also started a monthly event dubbed Traila Load Wednesdays where patrons party to the music of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

The event has become the spot for partygoers on a Wednesday night to revel in the musical genius of his hand-picked guest DJs and guest artistes.

“This is just the close of a chapter as I open the next one. This is just the beginning of what is to come so all I can say is stay tuned to the Party Animal,” he mused.

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