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April 18, 2017



International superstar Jack Radics has done it again! Using his years of experience, he showcases the brilliant and just amazing production capabilities in order to create the summer hit of 2017, “I’m A Believer”. Taking this Neil Diamond song that was made famous by one of rock music’ most famous Legendary bands, The Monkeys, Smash Mouth  and Eddie Murphy in  the movie “Shrek “ ; song that is a transcending hit, brought into modern times with a with a hype pop reggae feel.

 Radics drives up with a DJ legend General Saint a.k.a. To give you a pulse beating heart song to get ready for the party invite that comes with that season of the year. General Saint of Eastwood and Saint is fame is no stranger to making hits as he does with the classic “Stop That Train”, reinterpretations of “Oh Carol” and“Another One Bites the Dust” which became pop hits.


Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond

With these two international hitmakers working together this production is of the highest standard and relatable to all walks of life. The talented and accomplished duo have taken “I’m A Believer” into a realm that no one had ever imagined. They have found a way to reenergize the song and make it relevant in the millennial generation while still having the allure for long-time fans who appreciate and love the quality music that the original song delivered.


The song fits the Radics invented genre of Rhythm and Pop. It is another example of blending well orchestrated sounds with the right vocals. The “Twist and Shout“ superstar, Radics, along with Saint get all listeners ready to enjoy summer with their next hit “I‘m A Believer”. Taking all of us on the rhythm and pop train and making all of us fans and believers of Rhythm and Pop.

Jack Radics

Jack Radics


“I’m a Believer” will be released on Saint’s upcoming album entitled “True Survivor”, listen out for it. You can find out more about this and other Jack Radics music and news at http://www.jackradicsonline.com


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