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April 20, 2017


 David Rodigan at the turntable.—-

BRITISH radio jock David Rodigan has responded to the recent statements made by Lloyd Coxsone, founder and member of Sir Coxsone Outernational Sound in the United Kingdom.

Rodigan was the subject of a rant by Coxsone which was widely circulated on social media. Coxsone stated that Rodigan was not the ‘Godfather for Reggae’ in England and further noted that by honouring him, Jamaicans were negating the efforts of those who paved the way for the music in the UK.

“You are not the Godfather for Reggae inna England, never have been. The first time you go to a big sound system dance inna England is I man Lloydie Coxsone carry you… in Fulham. When you talk about you are the Godfather fi Reggae, you haffi talk ‘bout Duke Vin, Count Suckle, Count Steve, Duke Lee, Soprano B, Duke Reid, Lord Cruise and man like that. You people inna Jamaica, yuh make white people come and fool you all the while. The first embarrassment weh you Jamaican people embarrass out over 500 sound system here in England is to give David Rodigan award for the upbringing of reggae. Now that is a disgrace and shameful thing,” Coxsone stated.

In response via Facebook on April 13, Rodigan noted that the statements by Coxsone were laced with untruths and falsehoods.

Lloyd Coxsone

Lloyd Coxsone

“I will not enter into a long diatribe about Lloyd Coxsone’s video rant against me. Suffice to say that it was vicious, vindictive and worst of all… it was laced with untruths and falsehoods. I’m not going through them all, but I will point to just one of them.”

For Rodigan, the real bone of contention seems to revolve around him apparently saying that he is The Godfather of Reggae.

Duke Vin

Duke Vin

“I challenge Lloyd Coxsone to prove that I ever said that. Prove it by showing the video footage, prove it by showing the press interview when I said that… prove it. I am powerless over what a radio or television presenter or journalist says about me, whether it’s a term of praise or an expression of disapproval,” he responded.


“I am not powerless over my own mouth and what comes out of it. I have never said that I am The Godfather of Reggae neither have I said that I’m the King of Reggae, neither have I ever claimed to have ‘bust a reggae artist’ because I would never be so arrogant and presumptuous. Now let us return to the music and the message. And the message is LOVE. I have no further comment on this matter, “ Rodigan concluded.


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