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Jamaica now has an additional area code: 658.

Jamaica's new area code!

Jamaica’s new area code!

And the Office Utilities Regulation (OUR) says come May 31, 2018 ten-digit will become mandatory for local calls — that’s the three-digit area code plus the seven digit number.

At present, callers do not have to dial the area code when making local calls.

“This new code will be used in addition to and not as a replacement for the existing 876 area code, said OUR Director General Ansord E. Hewitt.


“It will be used once the existing telephone numbers under the 876 area code are exhausted. However, the most immediate change will be the introduction of 10-digit dialing, for local telephone calls, come May 31.”

The OUR says the additional area code will ensure that there are sufficient numbers to meet the demand over the next 25 years.

Under the Telecommunications Act, the OUR has full responsibility for the allocation, assignment to service providers and usage of telecommunication numbers in Jamaica.

What the additional area code means
*The introduction of ten-digit dialing will not mean an increase in telephone charges.
*The introduction of ten-digit dialing will not mean anyone has to change existing telephone numbers.


What to do now
*Businesses and government agencies should start adding the current 876 area code on all their printed materials and signage.
*Users of alarm services and solutions with automatic dialers, and operators of PBX systems should contact their service providers to ensure that their systems will be compatible with the new numbering and dialing arrangements.

Permissive dialing period
*Come May 31, 2018, there will be an adjustment period known as the permissive dialing period.
*During this time, if only the seven-digit telephone number is dialed, the caller will hear a recording reminding him/her to dial the number using the area code plus the seven-digit number. However, the call will be completed to the called number.
*After the permissive dialing period is ended, all local calls will require ten-digit dialing to be completed. For example, to call the OUR, persons will have to dial 876-968-6053.

The OUR says it expects that telecommunications service providers will ensure that their customers are fully informed about the upcoming changes over the next several months.

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