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Tasha T

Tasha T

Paris (France)—
The international nonprofit organisation World Citizen Artists (WCA) is delighted to announce the two Award recipient for its 2018 Peace Awards initiative for music and visual arts.
This year Canadian singer-songwriter Tasha T and Tibetan-Swiss artist Sonam Dolma Brauen were both selected for inspiring works that champion humanitarian causes and promote peace in an increasingly divisive and dangerous world.
The competition attracted over two thousand registrations within one month. Emerging and established artists and musicians entered during “Peace Month” in September 2017, and were judged by a panel of leading nonprofit organisations, artists and musicians. The judges included the Bob Marley Foundation, the Gandhi Foundation, Belgravia Gallery, well-known artists in the music scene, and World Citizen Artists, who invited former award recipients and finalists to take part.
Music Award Winner:
Tasha T was selected for her inspirational composition “Spread Some Love.” She will perform her winning song at the Bob Marley Birthday Celebration on the main stage at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston on February 6, 2018, where she will receive her bronze statuette. Tasha will participate in a charity tour with the Bob Marley Foundation and WCA founder Valerie Won Lee later that month.
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The judges described her winning entry as “an energetic and soulful song that reminds us how the children of the world are affected by our actions.
Tasha also ” Commenting on the award, Tasha T said: “It’s all about the message in the music. When I received the call … I was just in awe. This is truly a blessing to know that I’m the winner and I’m able to continue to share my new single, ‘Spread Some Love,’ to the world because the song is about love. We know that love is the answer to everything, and love conquers all. We’ve got to think about the children because children are the future.”
The Bob Marley Birthday Celebration is held annually in honour of Jamaica’s singer-songwriter legend. Celebrations are held during the first week of February each year and honour Bob Marley’s legacy of standing for peace and unity.
The award recipients will be announced at the 73rd Bob Marley Birthday Celebration at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. Both winners of the 2018 initiative will receive a bronze statuette, “Citizen of the World,” created specifically for the World Citizen Artists Awards Compete for Peace – Not War.
Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Commenting on the aims of the awards, World Citizen Artists’ founder, Valerie Won Lee, said: “The youth needs something new, something fresh that inspires them to stand up for a better world. When I see the world today, I see two worlds. One that’s heading towards nationalism, and a new world that wants to find solutions on how to go forward and live together peacefully. WCA aims to inspire the younger generation who will build our future.”
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