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One of reggae’s best kept secrets is now exposed. Singer, songwriter, musician and sound engineer, Shauna “Dazzle” is a total package coming at you; and, for added value, include beauty and brains to describe this stunning law school graduate. Her rich and vibrant voice was recognized by legendary reggae producer Willie Lindo, who produced her popular debut single, “Live In Harmony.”

The South Florida based artist is a budding star in our midst. Whether working from center stage as a performing artist or behind the console board as a concert/studio sound engineer, the sounds the multi-talented Shauna delivers are awe-inspiring. Shauna is also a classically trained pianist contributing some keyboard magic to some of her recordings.

Her resumé of vocal releases includes numerous singles, an EP and her debut album “Officially.” The current singles are the Vaughn “Zelly” Facey produced “Love Gets In The Way,” followed by “Everything,” “No More Lies” the chart topping “Bad Tonight,” and the raw and edgy “other side” of Shauna revealed in her latest single “Tek It,” all produced by Richard Grant & Dwayne “Shotta” Hoilett for PoorMan Red Hills label; in addition Shauna has an upcoming release on the way entitled “Every Lickle Bit Of Love.” Her latest  single “Tek It” is now released, and is immediately getting massive airplay on South Florida radio.


The previously released EP “Show You Love” was issued on the Mawga Youth Records label, and it features three hot songs co-written and co-produced by Dr. Paul, Shauna, and Multi-Platinum Hip Hop Producer Sahpreem King.

The “Officially” album is flooded with love songs that capture Shauna’s introspective, mature songwriting style along with her signature vocals. The set features some covers such as the title track – a Lloyd Parks classic, while Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever” shows off Shauna’s melodic voice in front of lush instrumentation. Some adapted rhythms were utilized on tracks such as the catchy “Loving Fellow,” the empowering “Show You Love” and the soulful “Roll On.” Other highlights include, “I’m Not Ashamed” and “Mr. DJ.”

Shauna Dazzle

Shauna “Dazzle” La Touche

Born Shauna La Touche to Jamaican parents in Brooklyn, NY, Shauna “Dazzle’s” interest in music began at age five. While other children her age were learning their ABC’s, young Shauna was already learning how to play the piano and sing like her favorite singer – her Dad.  At the age of 12 Shauna’s family relocated to South Florida bringing her that much closer to her Jamaican heritage. Nurtured by the sweet riddims of the Caribbean, Shauna’s talents – love for singing, writing, composing, and classical piano grew and spread out fast. After graduating High School, Shauna made her way back to NYC where she studied French Literature and Romance Philology (Language) at the prestigious Ivy League Columbia University. After graduation, she returned to South Florida to attend Law School at the University of Miami.


Shauna’s mother, her most avid supporter, initiated an introduction with producer, musician, and composer Dr. Paul. He recognized Shauna’s incredible singing voice and keen ear for music and quickly recruited her into the ranks of Dr. Paul Productions as a singer/songwriter and trainee Engineer. Since then Shauna has worked in different capacities as writer, engineer or background singer either live or in the studio for artists such as Glen Washington, Frankie Paul, Singing Melody, Mr Vegas, Tami Chin, Nadine Sutherland, Mikey Spice, Chris Martin, Ernie Smith, Ken Boothe, Ritchie Stephens, Sanchez and more. In addition, Shauna seized the opportunity to roll up her sleeves, and took her turn on the outdoor sound stage under the creative, watchful eye of chief audio engineer and Grammy winner Hugh Palmer. Under Palmer’s direction Shauna worked as a live sound engineer for the former Clymax Audio Works, later Showmax Productions, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where she has engineered many major events and concerts.

Shauna’s goal is to become a globally recognized singer, writer, sound engineer, and role model for young Caribbean women in the music industry. With an amazing track record, Shauna has certainly proven that in an industry dominated by men she is equally as proficient behind the boards as she is behind the mic. The secret is out…

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