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George “Georgie” Scott–

GEORGE Scott’s life took a turn for the worse in the 1980’s after a series of unfortunate events led him to become one of the most well known beggars in the Corporate Area.

Scott, who is also known as “Georgie” and “Yellow” — because of his albino skin — can most times be found begging a “$10 or $20” along Maxfield Avenue, Half-Way-Tree Road, in New Kingston, or sometimes on Lyndhurst Road.

According to George’s brother, Randol Scott, the 59-year-old is the eldest of four children and had a passion for singing, oftentimes being mistaken for the popular dancehall deejay Winston Foster, more popularly known as Yellowman.

“He was a part of a trio (singing group) and they performed all over the island and were on the verge of producing their own songs and made a good amount of money out of it — until one of the men got conned by a producer and they lost most of their finances,” he said.

Randol added that the group fell apart soon afterwards and his brother vowed never again to sing for anyone, and became depressed.

“Soon after that my mother died and Georgie was just never the same again. He was no longer the brother I knew and became very laid back and started just hanging out on the street.”

The Jamaica Observer caught up with the beggar on Maxfield Avenue on Thursday while he was limping up and down the street, begging motorists for change.


“I have been doing this over 15 years and this is my work,” said George who resides in a shack surrounded by zinc fencing at the bottom of 52 1/2 Chisolm Avenue in St Andrew East Central.

He said though, that he doesn’t make much, not “even enough to buy a flask of rum”.

However, despite his meager earnings George insisted that he does not want any other help because he is “working”.

“I try to give him a thing but sometimes I can’t really stand seeing him, because of his nose,” said motorist Paul Samuels, who was referring to a gaping hole in the right side of the beggar’s face.

Randol Scott said his brother’s face was not always deformed but became that way while he was begging on the road during the lead-up to the General Election of 2007. He explained that a stick protruding from an overcrowded bus with jovial party supporters struck George in the face.

Georgie in yard

Georgie in yard

“It started out as a small cut but then became infected, but he refused to stay in the hospital,” said Randol, who added that his brother’s nostril was left untreated and subsequently rotted away.

He added that the beggar refused to stay in the hospital because the staff was reluctant to treat him due to his appearance.

“My brother has really had it hard over the years,” said Randol, adding that the albino has been in several motor vehicle accidents and has been robbed several times.

Meanwhile, members of the Chisholm Avenue community described George as a quiet man who does not give trouble.

“He just goes out and do his begging, when he comes back he will sit at the top the lane and have a drink. Sometimes he will come in and I hear him over the yard singing and trust me, if his singing career never mash up, Georgie would’ve been better off today,” said a resident in the community who gave her name only as Sharon.

“Him don’t trouble anyone and people might see him and think he’s dirty, but Georgie not leaving out of his yard before him bathe,” said the woman, who also said she sometimes takes care of the older man whenever he is sick.

“The only thing he needs is a better house to live in,” she added.

However, Randol Scott pointed out that he and others have tried on numerous occasions to get George a house.

Georgie on the street

Georgie on the street

“I’ve applied to the Food for the Poor on numerous occasions to get him a house but nothing ever came out of it,” he said.

George’s dilapidated home also had what appeared to be a recently built bathroom. However, Randol Scott said unscrupulous persons vandalised the property and removed the toilet, pipes and other bathroom fixtures.

“It happened right there in the community and not one person knows who did it,” lamented Randol.

Residents in the garrison community also insisted that George was of sound mind. In fact, his brother said he was a past student of the Rose Gordon Preparatory School and later the Holy Trinity High School in Kingston.



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