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Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer
Sanjay – File —–

Dancehall artist Sanjay, allegedly got the cold shoulder from reggae icon Jimmy Cliff for sampling his The Harder They Come.

According to Sanjay he was just paying homage and was not attempting to sell the song.

“The song was just for promotional purpose because I knew I did not have the rights, honestly I was just paying homage to one of my favourite artiste, my intention was not to infringe nobody’s rights,” he said.

According to Sanjay, he personally dropped off a copy of his version of the song at Jimmy Cliff’s office. However, the reggae artist was not there to receive it personally.

“I intended for him to follow up on the song, but the next thing I got was a ‘cease and desist’ letter from his lawyer so I ceased promotion,” he said.

Sanjay believes the attitude of Jamaican artists is what pushes artists to sample hip-hop artistes instead of their own.

“Hip-hop artistes sample each other’s music without much issue being made of it, so I don’t see why we can’t sample our own music, but I guess now it’s clear why it’s not our regular practice,” he said.

The artist believes he somewhat benefited from the song, and said despite the controversy with Jimmy Cliff’s lawyers, he would still do another sample.

“I did break some ground, it re-cemented my place as a lyricist it was just for the streets, because lyrical songs don’t really sell, it is all about catchy hooks,” he continued.

“I would sample another song, but the next time I would not use the artiste’s name to promote it. I thought Jimmy Cliff would have appreciated the fact that the song could have made the youth more familiar with his music,” he said.

The artist also categorically stated that he holds no grudge against the icon.

“I don’t have any ill feeling towards him, he is a legend who set the thing for us and we have to respect that the song belongs to him so who am I to be upset,” he said.

Sanjay also sent The STAR a copy of the letter he received, a section reads ‘Dear Mr Ramanand, we hereby demand that you immediately desist and that you remove all means of advertising and promotion, including but not limited to the Internet and Youtube and provide us with an audit of any sales which may have been affected since its release.’ (Attorneys-at-Law Samuda & Johnson)

Sanjay is set to premiere a new single featuring Beenie Man called Piece A Di Wine at the Youth View Awards after party.

The STAR made several attempts to get a follow up comment from Jimmy Cliff or his lawyers but was unsuccessful.








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