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Dancehall artist Moses Davis, aka Beenie Man has made a youtube video begging for forgiveness for his old anti-homosexual lyrics which the gay community has used to brand him and stop him from performing in Europe. Remember that Beenie Man doesn’t have a US work permit, so he now has to depend a lot on the European market. Summer is coming up and Beenie Man will no doubt be getting calls from Europe. and promoters can’t afford for the gays to stage protests and lock down their events.

“I respect everyone…including gay and lesbian people. Do not fight against me for some songs I did 29 years ago. Please I am begging you do not have me up for some old songs I did so many years ago. I am not the same person now that I was then,” Beenie says in the video.(See video here:
While fans are applauding Beenie’s move, they are also defending his right to freedom of speech. One comment on youtube states, “I agree with Beenie Man, however, he was free to talk about issues and the state of his culture at any given time. Furthermore, music has NO RULES, just ART. If this is about homosexuals, then they just need to not listen to his OLD songs or any music against them. ? I am Jamaican and i HATE the crime and sex music, and that is more an issue.”
A fan on Facebook stated: If this is the main reason why the “U.S” market is not supporting Dancehall then that is really sad because freedom of speech and expression is for everyone so if you don’t like Gays! then that’s your right! But artist are now fearful of expressing themselves because of this issue. Goes to show that truth and justices has flaws! i don’t advocate violence against Gays or any other group for that matter, But i will aways reserve the right to speak out on what i think is wrong.I wish Beenie man all the best in his statements.
Another fan declared: I like this, but I think he said “please, I’m begging you” a little bit too much.
Is music we do and we can’t afford for anyone to stop the flow of income. So this is a bold move by Beenie, I respect dat. Let’s see if anyone else will follow this trend.
With the Rototom Sunsplash coming up, the organisers posted the following.
Rototom Sunsplash ( has received and is happy to publish a videomessage of Beenie Man in which he wishes to clear out any doubt about his position concerning homophobic lyrics appeared in some of his old songs.
We would like to think that his words can put an end to all the controversies that the subject has generated.
This video reaches us after a journey that Rototom has started in 2005 and which has seen us committed to bringing to the Sunsplash only those artists that respect and accept all people, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.
In 2007 this position has lead us to draw up the Reggae Compassionate Act, an agreement that was supported by reggae promoters and activists of Stop Murder Music and signed, among others, by Beenie Man. In the agreement, the artist committed himself not to sing or make public statement in Jamaica or any other country in the world, that could encourage prejudice, hatred or violence against gay or lesbian people.
Beenie Man is part of the 2012 Sunsplash line up, because we believe in his change and his detachment from homophobic positions, as demonstrated on this video.

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