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By Sadeke Brooks——

It’s been three years since his last project, but singer/producer Courtney John says his new albumFrom Letters To Words, shows his maturity.

Courtney John, formerly Yogie, says the album “represents the space that I am in now. I am more word-driven”.

He says the 10-track album is a reggae lovers rock record and some of the songs prelude his next project that will be released a few months later.

The album, he says, has songs like It’s Gonna Be AlrightLike Magic and So Beautiful. But on this occasion, John said he did not do much of the production. Instead, he said the songs were produced by persons like The Wizard, Sly & Robbie, Lloyd Campbell, Joe Frazer and Itations.

“I didn’t produce much on this record. I thought I should let the producers do it and focus on being the artist,” he told The Sunday Gleaner.

Although the album has just 10 songs, John says it is the ideal number, as he wants his project to be short and spicy.

“I want to create something that is impactful and gets to the point. Ten tracks is a good amount to tell a good story,” he said.

John is known for songs like I Go CrazyMiss YouBaby Tonight, and When You Say.

But when compared to previous albums, including the latest Made In Jamaica, John says From Letters To Words is “much better” and persons who have been listening to it also agree.

Courtney John

“Sometimes an album mimics what the artist is going through. So much is going on, so many new experiences. I have grown musically. It is still a work in progress, so the next project will only be better,” he told The Sunday Gleaner.

As for the reaction from the public, John says he is hoping for the best.

“You make music and you look forward to people liking it. It’s about people loving it and talking about it. I am really looking forward to it doing well. It’s been three years I’ve waited and I am proud of it. I am always confident that whatever music I make will be something to engage the fans,” he said.

After this project is released on July 17, John says he will release another production, Courtney John Project, in September. This will feature work from himself, as well as other local and international acts.

He says the project is completely different and unexpected.

“No boundaries, no genres. It is nothing that’s formatted for anything. It is out of the box box box and really different and outside of the work that people expect from us,” he said.

In addition to those two projects, John says he will be starting a promotional tour with From Letters To Words on the west coast of the United States by the end of September. After that, he will continue his promotional tour in Europe.


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