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New Caribbean Cinema Film Makers

By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston—–

A fresh pioneering approach to Caribbean filmmaking, that is how New Caribbean Cinema (NCC) — a group of regional film directors and producers — is describing its latest project.

At the press conference to preview one of the short films and officially launch the movement co-creator Storm Saulter said he is very passionate about it. “We are gonna do it by any means necessary.”

Filmmakers Michelle Serieux (right) and Storm Saulter (centre) respond to questions at Wednesday’s press conference, while Kyle Chin (left) looks on. (Photo: Michael Gordon)

Business partner Michelle Serieux was just as excited about the project as she stressed that the New Caribbean Cinema is all about taking charge without sitting and waiting for handouts to see your dreams being realised.

“You can collectively help yourselves without waiting for a grant to make a movie. You can tell your story and work with others — it’s a family that’s how we are setting it up,” said Serieux.

The NCC is all about pushing from idea to execution by creating images that resonate and stories that have a deep cultural impact.

New Caribbean Cinema Series will be presenting the world with a showcase of creative artistry from the region’s up and coming filmmakers. The series is a Caribbean co-production, jointly produced by Saulter from Jamaica and the St Lucian born Serieux.

The productions will rely heavily on the creative and technical support of Joel Burke and Nile Saulter and are sustained by the commitment and effort of the production crew, who work for the team at greatly reduced costs so that they can create a body of work that represents its capabilities.

NCC will enjoy its official launch on September 2 at the British Film Institute with Ring Di Alarm — seven short stories by directors Joel Burke, Nile Saulter, Kyle Chin, Michael ‘Ras Tingle’ Tingling, Storm and Michelle Serieux.

An entire weekend of celebration has been planned around the event, under the collective title “Jamaica We Love You”. The weekend will kick off with a special screening of Saulter’s Better Mus’ Come on Saturday, September 1.


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