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September 8, 2012

FIFTEEN years ago, Oral Pusey was a member of a gang in his native St Thomas.

Today, as gospel deejay Alleluia Bwoy he is all about winning souls for Christ.

Gospel artist Alleluia Bwoy (Photo: Michael Gordon)

Between his music ministry at South Avenue Gospel Hall, he is in the studio working on new songs such as the soon-to-be-released single, The God In Me.

“My focus is to let people understand that God is real and He deserves the glory,” he said.

That’s a big change from his ‘message’ of the late 1990s. He grew up in the church, but by his final year at Seaforth High School, was part of a notorious gang.

“We used to beat people with machete, and we wave a baton that was three times thicker than what policemen use,” he said.

Alleluia Bwoy became dissatisfied with his life and says he wanted change. He recalls the moment his transformation began.

“I was in a bus on my way to King Jammy’s (Lloyd James) studio for an audition. I was praying to God that I would impress them and ace it,” he related.

He said it was then that he heard a voice speaking to him.

“It was so loud and clear, that I was certain others heard it too,” he added.

Alleluia Bwoy remembers impressing at the audition and was given a business card to contact producers at King Jammys studio, but he never did.

That night, he surrendered his life to God. Among his songs so far are Believe Inna The Bible 100%, When God Call You and No Rock, all released in 2010 and Timeless, which has been out since last year.

In addition to recording, he has performed throughout the Caribbean.



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