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By Davina Henry—-

A name change, new image and a new record deal are just some of the things Shuga has accomplished recently.

The Montego Bay native started out as a band singer, then later as a back-up singer for artists Daville and Tanya Stephens, but still had dreams of one day making it on her own.

Fast forward to 2009, and her dream appeared to be coming true. Now in 2012, Shuga tells The Sunday Gleaner she is now on her way to stardom.

Born Mitzie Campbell, the multi-talented singer and deejay told The Sunday Gleaner that although things have “mellowed” since her days on Rising Stars, she is still progressing in the industry.

“There hasn’t been the hype that was there in the competition, but it has never been about the hype for me. I’m a humble girl, I’m not about hype, I’m about progress. During the competition, I built a fan base. After the competition, I was really happy with what happened because it gave me a chance to see what the business is really about. I’m happy with the direction that my career is being led into right now and I’m happy I got a chance to see what the business was really like,” she said.

Crediting her burgeoning career to Donovan Germain from Penthouse Records, Shuga is ready to take her career to the next level. She has now officially signed with Germain’s record label and has already seen the benefits of her talent paying off.

Not always easy

Although she emerged winner of the competition in 2009, Shuga admits that it has not always been easy and that she believes the competition should do more for the winners.

“To be honest, after the competition, you don’t know what else to do, you don’t know where else to go. You don’t know what’s next. The good thing, however, is that the competition gives you an opportunity because a lot of producers watch the show so it gives you an opportunity to put yourself out there. I think that after the competition, the contestants need somebody to kinda bring them around and get them familiar with the business and ting,” she said.

Now promoting her latest singles Bedroom Punisher and 9.58, the ‘brown bombshell’ has a new lease on life and her career.

“I’m promoting my song 9.58. I’m excited because the rhythm was named offa the song. The rhythm features me, Busy Signal, Exco Levi and other artists. It’s a good feeling to have the riddim based off my song, trust me,” she quipped.

Now working on her untitled album, Shuga plans to release a mix tape shortly to get her fans amped up for the album.

“I’m working on my album right now but first we’re gonna put out a mix tape. Everybody saying, ‘Wha gwaan, we need fi a hear some song from yuh.’ Well, now the wait is over, the work has been done and we a put out the music, so I guess everybody can be happy. I really love the direction my career is heading into right now, I couldn’t ask for more,” Shuga said.

The artist is hopeful that all her hard work will pay off and she will reap the fruits of her labour sooner rather than later.

“When you talk about the bookings, they’re not coming in as yet but we’re lining it up. Bills? No problem, we’re a family, we’re a team and we look out for each other. We nah hungry, we nah naked, none a dat, cause we look out for each other. If I continue on the same track, the sky is the limit for me. I’m just gonna continue to work hard and hope for the best. Expect great things, cause Penthouse Records nah go put out nuttn when nuh sound good,” Shuga said.


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