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September 20, 2012
Duce Califa, son of Garnet Silk.
Duce Califa, son of Garnet Silk.—–


By Curtis Campbell——-

Garnet Jr begins his musical journey

Garnett Silk’s youngest son wants to be a part of maintaining the legacy of his father.

According to the 17-year-old who recently collaborated with Black Judah to release his debut single Tired of Running, his aim is to continue daddy’s legacy and carve out a name for himself in the reggae industry.

“I am going to pick up the baton where my father left off and run with it. His work was unfinished and his fans want to hear more, so I am going to carry on the legacy,” he said.

While Garnet Jr will also reproduce some of his father’s classics, the young singer also plans to bring his own creativity to the table.

“I will have my own identity and I will be working on some of his unfinished work, basically, I will be doing music of all types. People have been motivating and encouraging me, many have said they would love to see me carry on the legacy,” Garnet Jr said.

The last child of seven, Garnet Jr said he and his other siblings invested quality time harnessing their musical talents at home by creating a home recording studio.

“We wanted to experiment and it made it easier and provided privacy. We could do whatever music we want and practise so we can improve our music,” he said.

That freedom led to the creation of Duce Califa, the moniker of Garnet Jr’s older brother. Califa is a rapper.

Despite the choice of genre, Garnet Jr believes his older brother will still maintain the standard set by his father, and so will he.

Garnet Silk

“My music is positivity. Music that appeals to both young and older generation, so people can just listen and have a great vibe,” he said.

According to Novlyn Banton, Garnet Jr’s mother and manager, the young hopeful faces challenges like regular young artists, but the future looks bright.

“He is just starting, so, like any other young artist, it is going to take a little time to connect, but he is on a good path. I am doing my part and he is working with good producers and they are helping to nurture his talent … . I think he is going to go places with the right help,” she continued.

“He is very talented, not because he is my son … we are putting the things in place. I am not saying he is going to fill his father’s shoes because Garnett Silk’s shoes are very big shoes to fill, but it’s his legacy and Garnet Jr works hard at his craft,” Banton said.

Garnet Jr is working on new singles such as Condolences, which is produced by the new family label, Blue Rock Music.

He is also working closely with producers such as Suku of Ward 21; veteran producer Bobby Digital, producer of Garnett Silk’s first album It’s Growing, and Clive Hunt, who worked on Garnet Silk’s Atlantic Records album, which was near completion when he died.

Atlantic would later release a double CD with the 10 songs Silk had completed.

“We still have a few songs working on, the legacy will carry on. I am here to deliver, everything takes time,” Garnet Jr said.

To keep up with the progress of Garnet Jr’s musical journey, the artist can be contacted at @garnetjrmusic on twitter.com orbanton.novlyn@gmail.com.




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