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September 20, 2012

By Davina Henry—-

Singer Omari is the latest artist to announce an upcoming novel.

The gospel artist told The Gleaner he recently completed his debut novel Why Me God?, which will be launched next month.

The distribution company behind the novel is none other than Page Turner Publishers, who also distributed D’Angel’s Love Triangle, and Miss Kitty’s Good Girl Gone Bad.

Omari told The Gleaner he had always been interested in writing.

“I have always been interested in writing, even based on how I write my songs. I always try to create a story line. This book will be useful in uplifting and inspiring persons. I try to reach different people. Some persons like to read, others like to listen. So now I have the book and my music. It’s about trying different avenues of expressing what’s in your heart,” Omari said.

The 19-chapter book is slated for an October 12 release date and will be launched at Kingston Bookshop in Springs Plaza on the same day.

“This book is about a young man who went through a lot and he surpassed his struggles and was still able to shine. It’s inspiring, it encourages and motivates people. It’s definitely a good read; it’s captivating,” Omari explained.


Even with the release of his new book on the horizon, Omari said music was still his number-one priority.

“I’m still doing music, I actually have some tracks that I am mixing right now. I also plan to do a one-drop gospel reggae live album. I have also been approached to go into theatre, I like acting so you might see me in that role one of these days,” Omari said.

The artist is also in talks to release a fragrance line.


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