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By Cyrus Langhorne—-

Reggae singer Sean Kingston is making headlines this weekend as reports claim he owes nearly $80,000 to a Miami, Florida landlord over property damage stemming from last year.

According to reports, Kington is being forced to cough up the big bucks.

Sean Kingston just took a BEATING in court over a Miami mansion he allegedly trashed last fall — because TMZ has learned, a judge has ordered him to pay up $77,000 to cover the damage he allegedly caused. TMZ broke the story … Kingston’s landlord sued him and the singer’s mother — who was also living in the $25,000-a-month home — claiming they broke their lease agreement by moving out two months early … and left a trail of destruction in their wake. (TMZ)

A judge reportedly deducted $25,000 from the overall sum Sean has to pay.

According to the suit, Kingston and his mother caused over $20,000 in damage to the home — broken landscaping lights, sprinkler heads, holes in the wall, and broken railing around the waterfront dock. Kingston never responded to the lawsuit, so the a judge entered a default judgment against the singer this month — ordering him to pay $77,000 in damages. The judge deducted Kingston’s $25,000 security deposit from the total bill — so right now, Kingston only has to pay $52,858. Calls to Kingston’s reps were not returned. (TMZ)

Also last fall, Kingston caught gossip blogs’ attention after hooking up with video vixen Maliah Michel.

Pop singer Sean Kingston is confirming rumors that he’s dating Canadian rapper Drake’s ex-girlfriend. The rumors started on Sunday night after Kingston walked the rep carpet at the American Music Awards with Maliah, an urban magazine model. Shortly after their outing, Kingston was slammed by bloggers for dating Drake’s “sloppy seconds,” but Kingston had this response on Twitter: “Sloppy seconds? Not that at all … she is a great woman with a great heart that deserves the best in life.” Way to stay classy, Kingston. Maliah also retweeted her beau’s message to her followers confirming that they are indeed an item. (RumorFix)

Michel later stepped forward to clarify her relationship with the singer.

“Sean is really a cool guy! Actually the first time we ever hung out was for the AMA’s. He called me and asked me to be his date and I was like, “Wow, okay, cool.” I was really shocked and ever since then we’ve just been cool. He’s great. It really bothers me that all the blogs are like “Is he hitting that?” and it’s like “Gosh, can we get to know each other?” Seriously, are people really just jumping up and screwing without nothing? I really feel like I need to know the person that I’m dealing with and that takes time. [Could I see Sean Kingston being on top and sweating on me?] Ummm… a little. I really appreciate that he tries and goes out of his way for me. He’s not ashamed of me and I love that. So you never know.” (Elite DC Radio)

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