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October 3, 2012

By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston—-

ENJOYING a buzz with his John Legend cover of Tonight, US-based Jamaica-born artist Elvis D said he yearns to perform in the country of his birth.

The artist, whose song is featured on the soundtrack of Steve Harvey’s movie Think Like A Man, said he hopes that changes soon.

ELVIS D… music is my passion

“I have not yet performed in Jamaica but it is something that I plan to change very soon. I will cherish my first performance there. I understand that reggae fans in Jamaica are among the toughest in the world, so I continue to master my craft to ensure that when I hit a stage, I will be ready to give them a quality show,” he said.

He has released songs including Love How You Touch Me, She

Is My Girl, Stay Rich his debut single Party Time.

Elvis D, whose given name Elvis Downer, migrated to the US in 1986 while in his late teens. Four years later, he joined Marty Butler and the People’s Heritage Band in New York playing guitar and doing vocals on a few tracks before going solo.

He is also looking to launch his acting career. He is cast in the upcoming movie Total Corruption which is directed by Jamaica-born Courtney Boyd.

“We have shot most of the scenes so far. It is a very good movie that should do very well at the box office,” he said.

However, he said he has his sights on the 2013 staging of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

“Music is my passion and I keep pushing myself to get better at my craft,” he said.



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