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THE Twelve Tribes Of Israel were one of the vibrant organisations of the heady 1970s. Some of the most prominent members of Jamaican society were members, several of them musicians and producers.

Here are six songs associated with the group which celebrates its 45th anniversary on February 25.

DAVIS… one can expect to see just about anyone from the music fraternity


* Black Star Liner (Fred locks): An anthem for the ages, Fredlocks recorded the song as a tribute to Marcus Garvey’s ill-fated shipping line. Done at Randy’s in downtown Kingston, it was produced by Hugh Boothe, a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

* Jah Can Count On I (Little Roy): One of the underrated roots singers of the 1970s, this self-produced 1975 song rocked many a Jah Love dance.

* To Be Poor Is a Crime (Still Cool): The roots quartet emerged from the Twelve Tribes Of Israel camp. Recorded in 1979, To Be Poor Is a Crime is their best-known song; later covered by Freddie McGregor.

* Same Song (Israel Vibration): The trio from August Town appealed for unity in the various Rasta houses in this 1979 song produced by Tommy Cowan.

* Black Woman (Judy Mowatt): From the classic 1980 album of the same name, the I-Three singer is at her best on arguably her finest moment.

* Picture On The Wall (Ossie Gad): The London-based singer and former leader of the Natural Ites group struck a chord with the Twelve Tribes on this 1983 hit.


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