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coco_t_ninjaman3 – How on earth did Cocoa Tea manage to get involved in a clash with the Don Gorgon, Ninjaman?

Well, believe it or not, it was the humble, hortical, supposedly peace-loving Rastafarian from Clarendon who was the aggressor and set the stage for the unprecedented clash with the gold-teeth-gun-pon-teeth-recently-returned-from-prison-clash-king, Ninjaman.
coco_t_ninjaman5Minutes before exiting the stage after a good performance at the jam-packed Kite Festival in St Ann, Coco Tea, much to the surprise of his fans, threw out a challenge to Ninjaman.”I see Ninjaman backstage and from wha’ day ya him a call up mi name. But mek him call mi name tonight and see if ah nuh kill him!” a very serious Cocoa Tea said, leaving the audience stunned.
Where on earth did that come from? Was the short man from Clarendon playing some kind of April Fool’s joke. After all, it was April the first.
coco_t_ninjamanA quick look at Ninjaman’s face backstage showed that the Don Gorgon, who was recently signed to Downsound Records, did not take the challenge lightly. At one point, it looked as if Downsound head honcho, Joe Bagdonovich, was giving Ninja some advice. However, three acts later, it was time for emcee Ron Muschette to welcome on stage the Downsound Force, led by none other than a buff Ninjaman, who looked as if prosperity is his best friend. Once Ninja’s name was announced, the crowd surged forward, clamouring to get as close to the stage as possible while shouting, waving and blowing vuvuzuelas, totally unable to contain their excitement.
coco_t_ninjaman2And Ninjaman, in classic Ninja form, walked on stage and simply posed. He stood soldier-like, surveying the crowd as they held up cell phones, cameras, iPads, iPods and anything else they could find, totally caught up in this Kodak moment. And, of course, being Ninja, he had to address Cocoa Tea. He even confessed that his manager had advised him not to get into any confrontation, but before Ninja could even finish his sentence, who walked on stage, ready for battle. You guessed it — Cocoa Tea in the flesh. Man, woman and pickney tun the venue upside down.
Ninjaman started out by nicely reminded Cocoa Tea that his birthday is not April 1, to which Cocoa Tea responded in his best singing voice, “A million times I told you not to mess with Cocoa Tea,” getting huge forwards.Cocoa Tea then made up some lyrics to the tune Train Bound To Nowhere and Ninja, deejaying in the same air, reminded, “I am the Ninja who murder them and doan linger. Yuh dead in ya tonight.” Ninja later questioned if Cocoa Tea was turning a gay or becoming a lesbian. The Kite Festival audience, who by this time was beginning to resemble an exuberant Sting crowd, loved every second of it.
And when Cocoa Tea reached for the song Cupid, Ninja interrupted him, “No, no, no!. No love song in yah. This is a clash!” Ninja soon after exited the stage, and Cocoa Tea continued to spit venom. “Ninja is smart. A man who fights and runs away lives to fight another day,” the veteran singer chanted. But Ninja wasn’t done and he surged back on stage like a mini tsunami, kicking and railing with so much energy that the photographers could only capture the sole of his shoes. The Ninja had returned and Cocoa Tea could only beat a hasty retreat. was told by Ninjaman that there is a long-standing feud between himself and Cocoa Tea, but denied that he had been calling up Cocoa Tea’s name.


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