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Chaka Demus
Chaka Demus—-


By Curtis Campbell

Veteran reggae/dancehall artist Chaka Demus is looking to distribute his upcoming solo album called The Second Coming of Chaka Demus via international record label Sony Music group.

According to the Murder She Wrote hitmaker, major labels are able to expose music to larger markets.

Chaka Demus operates his own record label called Bright Star Productions, however, having worked with major labels like Universal Music Group and Island Records in the past, the artiste hopes to promote his product through another major company in an attempt rewrite history.

The veteran revealed that he has contacts based in the United States who are working closely with Sony Music group to reach a favourable agreement.

Chaka Demus also has a strong following in Japan, another market in which he hopes to sell a lot of albums under a strong distribution deal.

“The advantage of working with a major label is that you get a wider distribution all over the world and your albums will be in the same store with people of high calibre like Nicki Minaj and other people,” he said.


Today, Chaka Demus’ plans seem to fly in the face of trends as numerous reggae/dancehall artists have been severing ties with several major labels in favour of self-production and promotion.

Most recently reggae group T.O.K celebrated its release from a VP contract which they claimed prevented them from working with other Jamaican producers.

However, Chaka Demus believes major labels can be beneficial if the artists are disciplined.

According to Chaka Demus, major labels are simply looking for internationally accepted production from Jamaican producers as well as professionalism from the artistes.

“Your work has to be of an international standard. As for me, I have my name out there already, so they will grab my work and push it, but if it’s a little young artist it might be harder for him to get partnership with a major label. Labels are looking forward to working with people who are mannerable, easy to work with, and not about the hype,” Chaka Demus said.

According to the artist, The Second Coming of Chaka Demus is already getting rave reviews.

The album features four young artistes and carries 12 tracks. Chaka Demus says he wants to promote the young talents because he believes they have what it takes and only need assistance from the powers in the music industry.

Chaka Demus & Pliers


In the meantime, Chaka Demus remains confident that he still possesses the ability to make platinum records.

“I can go back to the same bar that was set with Murder She Wrote. All we need is the people to back us, because is promotions do it. A lot of Jamaican artists have the talent to sell diamond records, but we can’t do that without the right backing. If we get the backing the thing shot weh.

“Chris Blackwell spent some money on Bob Marley and it worked, dem spend some money on Shabba and it worked, and dem spend some money on Shaggy and it worked. Suh if di youth dem get promotion it dun,” a confident Chaka Demus told The Gleaner.

The upcoming album includes ska, reggae, dancehall, mento and rocksteady Demus explained, saying that that he wanted to revive the rich legacy left by Jamaica’s musical forefathers.

“It’s been a long time since an album like this has been produced and mi and Pliers have a collaboration album coming up which maintains the same diverse and international standard. So a lot of work going on right now. I live in the studio, it deh pon mi house,” he laughed.

A release date for the album depends on negotiations with Sony Music Group.

The collaborative album featuring both Chaka Demus and Pliers currently has no title and will be released following Chaka Demus’ solo project.

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