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By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston

AFTER 47 years in the music business, singer/producer Tony Scott recently released his debut album, The Tony Scott Story: What Am I To Do Now.

The 18-track piece features tracks such as The Pressure Is On, Dance This Music, You Got That Smile and What Am I To Do.

Tony Scott

Scott says it is appropriate that he tell his musical history through his first album.

“I think I have a lot left so I have decided to get back into it deeply and do what I can,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Reflecting on his years in the business, Scott blames a laid-back attitude for his lack of achievement. He enjoyed producing and releasing his own songs, but rarely performed on live shows for people to put a face to his music.

He owned a record store in his native Mandeville called Hard Rock. There, he distributed his music and that of other artistes to other record shops throughout the country.

The Pressure Is On is actually the first song Scott (born Joshua Bailey) recorded in 1967.

Two years later, he released What Am I To Do on which an emerging bassist named Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett played.

Its rhythm inspired the massive instrumental, Liquidator, which is credited to Harry ‘Harry J’ Johnson as producer.

“After I was introduced to Harry J I gave him that rhythm and he used it to record Liquidator with the organ solo played by Winston Wright,” Scott recalled.

Liquidator became a big hit in the United Kingdom in 1969.

Since March, the 64-year-old Scott has released three singles: The Smile You Got, Hard Times and I Need Justice.

Scott, who describes his sound as a blend of roots and lovers rock, is planning a live event in November at his Mandeville recording studio.


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