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 By Richard Johnson—

 Members of T.O.K , (from left) Alistaire ‘Alex’ McCalla, Xavier ‘Flexx’ Davidson, Roshaun ‘Bay- C’ Clarke, and Craig ‘Craigy-T’ Thompson.—

Uncertainty still surrounds whether or not dancehall quartet T.O.K will honor the bookings they had prior to disbanding the group two weeks ago.

The foursome, best known for tracks such as Guardian Angel, Chi Chi Man and Footprints, have obligations for three events including a gig in the Caribbean island of St Vincent this weekend. They are also booked to be part of Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock Cruise as well as a festival on the South American continent — Colombia.

T.O.K was formed 23 years ago and comprised Craig ‘Craigy-T’ Thompson, Roshaun ‘Bay-C’ Clarke, Alistaire ‘Alex’ McCalla and Xavier ‘Flexx’ Davidson. Two weeks ago news broke that group member Davidson has decided to pursue a solo career.

According to Clarke, he heard that Davidson had decided to honor all the obligations/bookings that T.O.K had prior to his announcement which included the three gigs, but is still not sure what the situation is.

“The flight to St Vincent is tomorrow and with hours to go I still don’t know who is going. I will just have to wait and see who shows up at the airport. I am really tired of being mediator, so I am only in touch with Craig and he has not given me any word just yet,” Clarke told Splash last night.



In making his decision to leave the quartet, Davidson reportedly fingered the solo projects of the other members as his main issue for calling it quits.

Clarke said in light of the current situation he is moving ahead with his solo career with two singles out Straight Outta Portmore, for which a video is to be released this weekend and Journey To Greatness which was released a few weeks ago.

“I have no problem honoring these bookings that we have as T.O.K, but right now I am moving ahead. I also have a pop track with Christopher Ellis — son of Alton Ellis — called Don’t Change Your Number, which I am also gonna push,” said Clarke.

Efforts to contact the other parties — Thompson, McCalla and Davidson — were not successful.

Recently, the quartet was invited to a private dinner at Vale Royal with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to which the four members of the group attended.

McCalla had indicated to the Jamaica Observer that he would be pursuing a career in acting since the split.

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