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Fabian Marley T Shirt

Reggae singer Fabian Marley has launched a campaign to raise funds to educate Jamaicans about prostate cancer.

It has been widely reported in the media that a significant percentage of the Jamaican population is affected by cancer, and prostate cancer is listed as one of the most common forms of cancer in the country.

Having lost his father to cancer Fabian Marley wants to make Jamaicans more aware about of the dreaded disease.

“I lost my dad to cancer, so I know for a fact that it doesn’t only affect the persons who have it, it also affects their family and friends. There are several types of cancer, the two most common ones in Jamaica are breast cancer and prostate cancer. While women are very aware about breast cancer and its symptoms, men on the other hand know very little about prostate cancer, and I would like to help to change this. If more men know more about the disease then this will encourage them to take better care of themselves and visit their doctors regularly and get tested for the disease,” said the artist.


Fabian Marley recently released a special line of T-Shirts bearing his image and name that will be sold both locally and abroad, to raise funds for the campaign.

The T-Shirts are now available for purchase online via Fabian Marley’s Facebook page and

Fabian Marley’s manager Clayton Thomas CEO of Massive Entertainment Group said he and his company are one hundred percent behind the project.

Fabian Marley & Clayton Thomas

Fabian Marley & Clayton Thomas

“We are giving Fabian all the support we can with this project. Prostate cancer is a very dangerous disease, and we want to do everything we possibly can to help to educate people about it. This something we are very serious about, selling the Fabian Marley shirts to raise funds for the project is just a small part of what we plan to do,” said Thomas.

Fabian Marley is currently on a 10-day promotional tour of France. The tour was organized by Massive Entertainment Group to promote Fabian’s latest single and video title Nah Go Say We Poor.

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