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December 11, 2016


 California rock reggae band Iration—

California rock-reggae band Iration has released its latest album, Double Up. The 10-track set came out on their Three Prong Records and is the quintet’s first all-acoustic effort.

“We’ve always written songs on the acoustic and have played shows acoustic, but had never put out an all-acoustic release. People just love the sound of stripped back songs,” lead vocalist and guitarist Micah Pueschel said in an interview with the Jamaica ObserverDouble Up was recorded at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, California. It is produced by Lewis Richards.

  “We had a short time frame to record the album, so the whole thing was basically recorded in about four days. I think giving some of our lesser- known songs a new life made this special. We took songs from our whole catalog of music and stripped them back and gave them an alternate life,” Pueschel explained.

Double Up contains some of the band’s big hits, including Reelin (from their 2015 Billboard-topping album Hotting Up), One Way Track and Back Around from 2013’s Automatic, another album that did well.

The Hawaii-bred Iration was formed in 2004. The current line-up also includes Adam Taylor (bass), Joseph Dickens (drums), Cayson Peterson (keyboards) and Micah Brown (guitar/vocals).

Pueschel spoke about the group’s high points since the release of its debut album, No Time For Rest, 10 years ago. “I think our career has been more of a slow burn. Being able to headline and play some amazing venues, play big festivals and have records that hit number one are all very surreal moments for us, which we are grateful for,” he said.


“We’re definitely not just a reggae band per se. Reggae is obviously a big piece of what we do, but mostly from a stylistic/rhythmic place,” he added. “I think because we have never felt like we needed to fit into one genre, we’ve been able to really venture into a lot of different places with our songs.”

Automatic is Iration’s best-selling album to date, with figures of more than 23,000 copies.


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