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February 28, 2017
Nikki Z—

Media personality Nicole Duhaney, better known as Nikki Z, will assume the duties of vice-president of client projects and content at Hapilos Entertainment Group, following the dismissal of veteran industry player/producer Johnny Wonder.

“Nikki Z is our choice because we wanted that person with broad industry knowledge and experience that would also give us the physical, grassroots presence on the ground necessary to provide the assistance and clarity our clients need to navigate the digital distribution process within the global market place,” Kelly Dudley, the company’s president, said.

According to Kelly, Nikki Z is best suited to help “bring more of our artists and producers behind the music out on to the global stage.”

“This is in line with our plans to offer promotional tours for the artists we distribute and the labels we distribute for,” he said.

Johnny Wonder

Johnny Wonder


Hapilos Entertainment Group is one of dancehall/reggae’s biggest music distributors. It is only rivaled by VP Records and Zojak Worldwide in the distribution of music coming directly out of Jamaica.

Nikki Z told THE STAR that her new job will see her focused on improving sales for Jamaican music.

“You can expect me to be very proactive with our clients in getting to know their expectations and also being very clear and transparent on what it is we can provide as a distribution service. From this point on, I want everyone to whom we cater to feel secure in knowing we are working tirelessly to reinvent and find new ways to market and push sales of our music,” she said.

Nikki Z

Nikki Z

Dr Dennis Howard, general manager for radio in the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, has best wishes for Nikki Z. He also said FAME should not suffer as a result of her departure.

“There is always a difference when somebody who is on a show moves on, but we will survive. FAME is a strong brand,” Howard said.

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