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April 4, 2017

By Simone Morgan-Lindo —

 Top: Jason Bassett.
Bottom: A copy of Nerissa Nefeteri’s image being used by Alkaline’s team to promote his single Nice & Easy..

United States-based photographer Jason Bassett said he is “forced” to seek legal representation after deejay Alkaline’s team used one of his photographs without permission.

Speaking with the Jamaica Observer yesterday, Bassett said the photograph that was taken in 2010 with Jamaican model Nerissa Nefeteri is currently being used to market and promote the deejay’s Nice & Easy single on his Vevo and YouTube page.

“I was contacted by the model about a week ago that she was being tagged in the photo with the single. Neither of us gave permission for the photo’s use, so I contacted Alkaline’s management team and asked that they desist from using the picture but they refused,” he said.

Bassett further stated he has reached out to Alkaline’s team several other times in order for them to settle the matter, but had no success.

 “No one is listening to us or paying us any mind as it relates to the unauthorized used of the picture, or compensating us as they have breached copyright laws. Instead, the model and I are being harassed by some of his fans. I had to private my social media pages and even changed my telephone number. I have been told words and things that I have never heard in my life,” he said.


“I have been verbally attracted from racial slurs to other forms to disrespect. I am not a sensitive person, but I want this to stop. I just want the matter to be resolved peacefully,” he continued.

The photographer said although he is seeking legal representation, he is hoping that the matter will be settled without the court’s intervention.

“I am still open to settling outside of court as I support the arts and culture of Jamaica and would like to see a peaceful and fair resolve,” he said.

Efforts made by the Observer to contact Alkaline’s management team proved futile. A native of Silver Springs in Maryland, Bassett’s creative roots came through his upbringing in Miami, Florida.

His photographs appear in popular print and digital magazines, fashion blogs, and other forms of advertisements.

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