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May 10, 2017


Bunny and Scully are no more.

Just months after Noel ‘Scully’ Simms passed on, his other musical half, Arthur ‘Bunny’ Robinson, has died.

Bunny passed away at the University Hospital of the West Indies (Mona) yesterday morning.

In a Gleaner interview shortly after the passing of his friend Scully, Bunny revealed that he was not well.

“For months, both of us were sick. Me, myself, not so well,” he said at the time. The singer was diagnosed with cancer of the bones in 2013 and had been battling the illness since then.

With songs such as Feel So Good, Don’t Do It and Let The Good Times Roll, the duo made their mark on the music industry. They had been recording music since the 1960s and had created quite a legacy for themselves. The duo received the national honor of Order of Distinction (Officer Class) in 2004 for their contribution to the development of the music industry.


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